Client value

Integrated construction process

As the client, you make the choice between a traditional or integrated construction process. The major advantages of an integrated process over a traditional process are clearly shown in the image above. By having the designing, consulting and operating parties work together integrally as one project team from the start of the design process, you create the opportunity to control construction costs and keep the cost of design changes low.

Designers of the construction process

Winters is ready to assist you from the first sketch to the last brick, because that is how maximum value is created. By being available to discuss matters from the very start such as design, construction methods and materials, we ensure significant savings and an optimal realization process. We see it as our job and responsibility to design and execute an efficient and effective risked-based construction process. Entirely according to Lean principles. 



One-stop shop

We can relieve you of all design and construction work. From planning, design, execution, permit process, realization, decor and layout to subsequent 24-hour service and maintenance. Winters is the one-stop shop to go to for all these matters.

One point of contact for your entire project

Building is complex enough as it is, so you don't want to go to five different parties for design, planning, construction, installations and decor. You would much rather have one company that takes care of you during the entire process. Winters is that company. From design to completion, we are ready to be your partner from start to finish. This way you have one point of contact for your entire project. 


Project development, planning, construction and aftercare. Winters has specialists lined up for each sub-process. Experts who know the particulars, can provide optimal advice and make the process run smoothly thanks to knowledge and experience. These employees don't work separately in their own departments, but together as an integrated team. A team with one common goal in mind: to make your wishes a reality.
Thanks to this integrated approach, as a client you will not even notice the transitions between the different sub-processes. However, you will benefit from additional efficiency, cost savings and a smooth running of the integrated construction process. Your designated contact person will take you through the progress and follow-up steps throughout and will involve you in all-important decision-making stages. In this manner you will continue to be well informed and can confidently leave the execution of the various stages to us.

Lean & Learn philosophy

If you continue to do what you have always done in the past, you will always get the same results. Winters will not settle for that. We want to stay ahead of the game. Building ever better, smarter, faster, cheaper, safer and more sustainably providing an ever-higher quality as the end result. That takes guts. To see things differently and do them differently. We have the guts, and we make things happen. We have chosen an organizational learning path and act according to the Lean & Learn philosophy: constantly looking for opportunities to reduce waste and add client value. 

QHSE management system

Quality, health and safety and the environment are paramount at Winters. We put a great deal of energy into all these aspects. To ensure quality, health & safety and the environment and to improve them where possible, we have been working for decades with a proven effective quality management system, the Winters Production System (WPS). All relevant issues and developments surrounding a project are recorded in this system. Ventures, decisions, additional information, planning, progress and responsibilities are concisely and clearly outlined.
The WPS works digitally. Every participant in the construction and development process is continuously informed of the most current status. If a colleague must cover work for another, this is sorted out quickly, efficiently and according to a uniform procedure. WPS helps us respond flexibly to changes, avoid errors, reduce wasted time and optimize quality levels. It is a vital system during the construction process and in the subsequent evaluation, adding to an even higher level of quality in the future.


BIM stands for Building Information Modelling. Through BIM application, a digital 3D information model fully supports the design and execution process. Winters strives to implement 100% of its Design & Build projects in BIM. Winters takes on full coordination and control in this process to ensure that all the internal and external BIM model operators involved, work together optimally in one 3D model. By carefully evaluating each BIM project and BIM utilization, we bring the collaboration between parties to a higher level and demonstrate that applying BIM in the construction process pays off!

Every year Winters publishes a customer relations magazine. Each publication highlights a selection of projects we have worked on over the past year. Our clients and associates tell us of their encounters. How did they experience the construction and development process with Winters? You can read about it in these magazines.