Nurturing and cherishing

At Winters, we nurture and cherish the relationships we have with our clients, architects, consultants, construction partners and employees. Only thanks to them are we able to create the valued spaces of which we are so proud. The fact that the appreciation is mutual is evident from the recurring business relationships, the high customer satisfaction ratings and the many new projects awarded to us. Talking about pride. Nothing makes us prouder than that.


You can add value especially when you are familiar with the world your client operates in. That is why we at Winters made a conscious decision to specialize in certain market sectors. These are: the corporate market, healthcare, government, education and housing. The expertise we have built up in these areas ensures that we speak the customer's language, lead the way and not only meet, but exceed expectations. Every time.

Market sectors

At Winters, people are the primary focus, externally and internally. Our team is invaluable. For us and for you. We therefore invest in an agreeable working environment and development opportunities and give our employees responsibility, trust and appreciation. This creates job satisfaction and a feeling of ownership. Important for them and for you. After all, you will be dealing with enthusiastic and committed employees who take responsibility, unburden you, offer added value and radiate pleasure in their work.

Self-Development. This leads to growth, as a person, as an employee and as a company. At Winters, we actively encourage this by means of a challenging learning work environment, training and internal advancement opportunities. We believe that there is no limit to what you can achieve when you are comfortable with yourself and so we pay close attention to this. In doing so, we hope to contribute to the job satisfaction of our current employees and offer a warm welcome to new colleagues. 

Winters create and nurture valued spaces for the long term. Not at the expense of the earth, our surroundings or our employees, but by adding something to humanity, the environment and society. Because of this philosophy, we continue to embrace sustainable initiatives and make a social contribution to organizations in the region. We also provide a safe and stimulating work environment for our employees. This is how we work together to create a more beautiful and sustainable world.

History since 1850

Winters was founded in 1850 by joiner and timber merchant Antonius van Dijk. He was known for his craftsmanship, his enthusiasm for making beautiful things and his ambition to keep learning and growing. Those traits still live on in our company after six generations. We nurture and cherish our heritage. It makes us incredibly proud, and it challenges us to keep on creating beautiful spaces. Continuing to develop and pass on our skills. That's what we're all about.