Market sectors

At home in these market sectors

You want a construction partner who understands you. One who knows what is going on in your industry, what is important and where potential risks may lie. Winters is that partner. With specialized project teams, we are fully versed in the corporate, healthcare, government, education and housing sectors. We focus on, respond to and even anticipate what is going on in our client's world. This enables us to provide input and deliver maximum added value.

Your world, our world

Each market sector has its own concerns and challenges. For example, in one sector, a process that produces minimal noise is important to avoid inconvenience to the surrounding area. Or the shortest possible turnaround time allowing the client to be fully operational (again) as soon as possible. In another sector, diligence and hygiene, for example, are key to ensuring safety. And equally, flexibility, design and innovative capabilities often play a prominent role too. You don't have to explain this to Winters. We are familiar with your world and adapt ours accordingly.

Your daily business continues even while you are renovating, expanding, or refitting. Not a problem. Winters knows what having to continue to operate means, where building work is being carried out. Thanks to our Lean construction process and our working partnerships with fixed, dependable partners, we aim to be as invisible, and on site for as short a time as possible. Preferably, we like to be involved in the project as early as the design phase. We ourselves are a business enterprise at heart; we speak the same language and like to think proactively about the optimal value development of your property. In this way, we create a valued space for you while you continue to focus on your business.

Winters has extensive experience in the (re)construction, expansion, decor & design of hospitals, care complexes and nursing homes. We totally appreciate what it means to work in an active, complex and sensitive environment and are aware of the procedures and technical details around risk prevention. This requires precision, respect for the environment and a meticulous construction process. This is where we draft the right people in to get the job done. While we conduct the work required, we realize how important specific care factors such as hygiene, air pressure and ESDs are. We know what is involved from a construction point of view and carry it out to perfection. 

Your pupils/students' learning performance is closely related to the condition of your school building. It is no coincidence that the construction and renovation of school buildings and universities is subject to certain standards and guidelines. Consider the "Clean Air Schools," for example, where ventilation plays a vital role. Winters is familiar with these standards and guidelines and is ready to advise you on their implementation and application. We have been doing this for years, not only in primary and secondary schools but also universities and colleges. Preferably, we want to become involved from the very early stages. This allows us to add extra value and work with you to create a valued space for your pupils/students. 

At Winters, we nurture and cherish the long-standing partnerships we have with various government agencies, such as local authorities and central government real estate. Because of this, we have already accumulated considerable experience in conducting work in complex active environments such as in prisons, courts and on army bases. We know what is involved and adapt our processes effortlessly to the situation. Tender processes challenge us to work efficiently and vice versa, we challenge governments to do the same. We provide input on efficiency processes so that the budget is used as effectively as possible and as little time as possible is lost in decision-making. 

The construction industry faces huge challenges in the housing sector. Based on this social task, Winters has decided to expand its residential construction business. Our preference is for in-house housing projects where we are able to fulfil our ambition of creating valued spaces. We therefore strive for quality housing in bustling environments, such as inner-city areas where living is inextricably linked to work and leisure. In these development projects, we usually pull together with established, trusted parties such as corporations and fellow developers. Together, we make our and your ambitions a reality.