At Winters, people are the focus, externally and internally. Our team is invaluable. We therefore invest in an agreeable working environment and development opportunities and give our employees responsibility, trust and appreciation. This creates job satisfaction and a feeling of ownership. Important for them and for our associates. After all, you will be dealing with enthusiastic and committed employees who take responsibility, relieve you of burden, offer added value and exude pleasure in their work.

Our employees had the chance to rate Winters in a satisfaction survey carried out by the independent agency Effectory. It is with immense pride we can inform you that we received the prestigious honour of becoming World-class Workplace 2023-2024. The World-class Workplace label is awarded only to organizations that lead the field in terms of employee engagement and opportunity. 

Together with our committed employees, we continue to build a sustainable future for our company and our environment on a daily basis.

  • Awarded by Effectory

    Awarded by Effectory

  • ing. P.G.A. (Peter) Schippers

    ing. P.G.A. (Peter) Schippers

    project manager

  • ing. M. (Michel) Gremmen

    ing. M. (Michel) Gremmen

    team leader

  • M.J.E. (Myriam) Jansen

    M.J.E. (Myriam) Jansen

    administrative assistant

  • A.L.K.M. (Ton) van der List

    A.L.K.M. (Ton) van der List

    deputy financial director

  • P.J.A.L. (Philip) van den Brink

    P.J.A.L. (Philip) van den Brink

    project manager

  • J.H. (Sjef) Graafmans

    J.H. (Sjef) Graafmans

    planning engineer

  • R.J.A.T. (Rob) Luiken

    R.J.A.T. (Rob) Luiken

    section engineer

  • ing. B.J. (Boudewijn) Maljers

    ing. B.J. (Boudewijn) Maljers

    planning engineer

  • ing. A.K. (Arend) de Boer

    ing. A.K. (Arend) de Boer


  • M.C. (Marga) Oomen-van den Berg

    M.C. (Marga) Oomen-van den Berg

    administrative assistant

  • H.G.C. (Henri) van Poorten

    H.G.C. (Henri) van Poorten

    chief construction estimator

  • E.A.M. (Eduard) Maes

    E.A.M. (Eduard) Maes

    section engineer

  • G.J.H.A. (Gert-Jan) Wijnen

    G.J.H.A. (Gert-Jan) Wijnen

    service & maintenance coordinator

  • M. (Marco) Vrins

    M. (Marco) Vrins

    head of equipment management

  • ir. M.A.M. (Michiel) Stevens

    ir. M.A.M. (Michiel) Stevens


  • ing. C.F. (Ron) van Genechten

    ing. C.F. (Ron) van Genechten

    planning engineer

  • B. (Bas) Quartel

    B. (Bas) Quartel

    administrative assistant

  • F.J.H.W. (Frank) Mathijssen

    F.J.H.W. (Frank) Mathijssen

    project manager

  • ing. M.P.H.W. (Martijn) Timmermans

    ing. M.P.H.W. (Martijn) Timmermans

    project manager

  • K. (Kim) Oskam

    K. (Kim) Oskam


  • J.W.M. (Jack) Verstraten

    J.W.M. (Jack) Verstraten

    section engineer

  • ing. H.A.C. (Rick) Christianen

    ing. H.A.C. (Rick) Christianen

    quality, environment, health & safety coordinator

  • ing. A.L.H. (Arian) van Loon

    ing. A.L.H. (Arian) van Loon

    real estate developer

  • ing. S.V. (Stas) Stjagailo

    ing. S.V. (Stas) Stjagailo

    construction estimator

  • S. (Sander) Tousain

    S. (Sander) Tousain

    planning engineer

  • J. (Johan) Lodder

    J. (Johan) Lodder

    planning engineer

  • C.J.M. (Carla) Smekens

    C.J.M. (Carla) Smekens

    executive secretary

  • P.J.W.M. (Piet) Willart

    P.J.W.M. (Piet) Willart

    section engineer

  • ing. L.W.L. (Bart) Oomen

    ing. L.W.L. (Bart) Oomen

    real estate developer

  • ing. R.P.D. (Ralph) de Jongh

    ing. R.P.D. (Ralph) de Jongh

    planning engineer

  • ing. R. (Rik) Kocx

    ing. R. (Rik) Kocx

    planning engineer

  • D.G. (Dimitri) Weeland

    D.G. (Dimitri) Weeland

    project manager

  • ing. E. (Eelko) de Haan

    ing. E. (Eelko) de Haan

    construction estimator

  • ing. M. (Mirjam) van Otterloo

    ing. M. (Mirjam) van Otterloo

    purchasing guidance

  • ing. T. (Thomas) Loof

    ing. T. (Thomas) Loof

    assistant real estate developer

  • ing. H.J.C.J. (Dirk-Jan) Voogd

    ing. H.J.C.J. (Dirk-Jan) Voogd

    project manager

  • S.A.P. (Sebastiaan) Lens

    S.A.P. (Sebastiaan) Lens

    section engineer

  • L. (Laurens) Rademaker

    L. (Laurens) Rademaker

    junior planning engineer

  • R.J.C. (Rutger) Schalks

    R.J.C. (Rutger) Schalks

    assistent quality & environment coordinator

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