Developing, designing and building is an intensive and complex process. Design, decision-making, budget, regulations, planning, coordination... And meanwhile, our busy daily lives continue. How do you create maximum client value for yourself and are you able to manage it successfully? It’s almost impossible, so leave it all to Winters! You will find us as the partner who focuses on creating client value and takes all construction worries off your hands. We are an active contributor of ideas, we present a smooth and flexible process from design to interior decor and layout, making your project a reality, as agreed and where possible delivering beyond expectations. Read what our customers tell you about client value here.

Client value

You are looking for an experienced construction partner. Preferably one that specializes in your type of project. You will find this at Winters. As a medium-sized, developing construction company, we are specialized in various forms of construction organization, market sectors and fields of work. For each project, we put together the best team of internal and external specialists. With our integrated approach, we ensure efficiency, cost savings and quality. The result being an optimal balance between design, product, process and price. Discover our areas of expertise by market sector and organizational structure here.


Fields of work

New construction is vastly different from maintenance or renovation. Just as decor or preservation is not comparable to expansion or transformation. Winters is active in all fields of construction and has an eye for distinction. We know that every field of work requires different skills, appropriate to the dynamics, the level of finish and the work environment. That's why we pair our professionals with fields of work that suit them best. They become energized and you benefit from optimal quality.