Privacy statement
Winters bouw & ontwikkeling B.V.

This is the privacy statement of Winters bouw & ontwikkeling B.V. (hereinafter referred to as 'Winters'). This privacy statement describes how Winters deals with the processing of personal data of interested parties, (potential) clients, (potential) applicants, suppliers, hired-in employees and other parties involved. The privacy statement can always be revised. You will find the latest version of this statement on the Winters website:

Contact details
All privacy related questions and comments may be submitted to the Winters privacy coordinator:

Mr. A.L.K.M. (Ton) van der List
Financial deputy director

Winters bouw & ontwikkeling B.V.
PO Box 3274
4800 DG Breda
phone 076 565 32 50

Purpose of data processing
Winters processes your personal data exclusively for the following purposes:
•    Responding to a completed contact form or sending requested information
•    sending out of the newsletter or magazine
•    responding to a received job application
•    making contact to enable provision of our services
•    implementing an agreed contract
•    compliance with any legal obligation, arising from fulfilling a sub contractual and/or supply agreement

We may pursue these goals only if it is in line with one of the permitted principles. Depending on what purpose is being sought, the basic principles are:
•    your explicit consent
•    the need to implement the contract
•    any legal obligation
•    a legitimate interest on the part of Winters

Personal data
In short, personal data is data that, whether combined or not, can identify a natural person. We process the following personal data:

•    Name and address details
•    gender
•    e-mail address
•    telephone number
•    financial data
•    identifying data

Please note! You are never required to include your Social Security Number (BSN), religion, copy of ID or passport photo when sending a job application.

Exchange with third parties
Winters does not share your personal data required for the implementation of a contract or in the event of any legal obligation, with third parties unless with your explicit consent. If data is still required to be exchanged with third parties, for example for the preparation of a quotation, this will always be completed in an as anonymous manner possible.
Please note! When you contact Winters through social media and you do so through public channels (i.e., tweeting @wintersbouw), third parties may become aware of your message. Therefore, please send messages via the contact form on the website as much as possible.

We attach significant importance to the proper safeguarding of your personal data. Winters has therefore implemented various technical and organizational measures to prevent any misuse, loss, unauthorized access or modification of personal data. Winters' office is set up in such a way that unauthorized persons cannot take note of physical information. Data exchange takes place over secure links and storage is also secure. These measures are constantly evaluated for suitability. This has been further included in the 'information security' section of the internal protocol, ensuring that everyone within Winters is aware of these measures and complies with them.
Where necessary, Winters continues to evaluate its measures and adapts them to the latest techniques. This is always with an attention to the risk and feasibility of recent technologies.

Retention periods
Winters retains your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes as mentioned above. In addition, we may also retain personal data for a longer period if this is in Winters' legitimate interest, for example in the case of a complaint.

If you submit an inquiry that does not result in a quote or a contract, or if you submit a job application, we will retain this information for up to three months. Should a quote be issued, we will retain the data for as long as the quote remains valid. If we retain your information to send you the newsletter or magazine, we will do so until you unsubscribe. Concerning financial data, we retain it for 7 years subsequent to the termination of the contract, as well as data that pertains to hired personnel.

Privacy rights
As a data subject, you have several rights with respect to your personal data. For example, you may request us to access, correct, delete, limit the use of, or transfer your personal data. You may also object to Winters processing of your personal data, and you may withdraw your consent at any time.

If you wish to exercise any of the rights set out above, you may submit a request to the privacy coordinator at Please indicate in your request what personal data is involved and why you think we should comply with your request. In addition, we will always verify first that you are indeed the individual concerned. Within four weeks you will receive a reasoned response to your request. If it is not possible to comply with your request, for example because Winters is subject to a legal retention obligation, we will explain this to you.

Is our response not to your satisfaction or do you have a complaint about the way Winters is managing your personal data? Then please contact the Data Protection Authority. The contact details of the Personal Data Authority can be found at

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This privacy statement was last amended on 01-10-2018.